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Our PREMIER TYPE35 single glazed moveable partition provides unintended visual transparency without the need for any acoustic performance. The system is an ideal solution where space needs to be divided, whilst maintaining a modern open feel to the surrounding environment

Panels are attached to top and bottom rails, allowing for secure and safe movement. Each panel is single glazed resulting in minimal stacking space being used when the panels are not in use.The frameless system which has no vertical profiles, has a 35mm aluminium frame at the top and bottom to safely and securely hold the 12mm clear toughened glass in position.

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Sound reductionPanel ThicknessMax HeightMax WidthWeightPanel Width
n/a10mm4mUnlimited35kgm2450mm - 1100mm
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With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years, PREMIERWALL are at the forefront of the industry in the design, supply, installation, service and aftercare of moveable partitioning systems, throughout the U.K. Our outstanding level of service, professionalism and client relationships has led us to become a leading provider in the provision of services for all moveable walls, sliding folding partitions and glass partitioning systems

All our products are made to measure

We offer a nation wide supply, installation and aftercare service

All of our products come with a full warranty

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