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Breakdown & Repairs


Breakdown & Repairs

PREMIERWALL Servicing Ltd offers a nationwide breakdown and repair service for all moveable walls, sliding folding partitions, and glass partitioning systems. We can usually restore systems to working order within one day and without a return visit.

A system that breaks down will cause inconvenience for facility operators, particularly those who rely on the function of their walls as a continued source of revenue and can’t afford their system to be out of commission for a prolonged period of time.


PREMIERWALL has the most experienced and dedicated moveable wall engineers in the UK and with our full range of genuine spare parts and mechanisms in stock, we will have your system back up and running for that all-important meeting or event.

Engineers`s tools

Having introduced endoscopic cameras, PREMIERWALL engineers can perform remote examinations to inspect the panel’s internal components and offer a solution to the problem straight away.

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Spares & Replacement Parts

We can supply operating handles for most types, makes and models of the moveable walls, sliding folding partitions and glass partitioning systems. PREMIERWALL has an extensive range of spares and replacement parts for most makes and models of moveable partitioning systems. We would be happy to attend site to investigate and diagnose your systems issues and provide a detailed proposal to replace any damaged parts and components.

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Please get in touch via email or phone and we will be happy to help.

[ FAQ`s ]

Common Faults And Problem

Is your movable wall or sliding partition not working correctly?
We intend to help you identify what may be wrong with your movable wall or sliding folding wall partition.

Please find our FAQs below:

My panels are digging into the carpet, can they be adjusted?

Yes, moveable walls can be adjusted to give the exact clearance of floor space required. The panels have to be adapted to suit the opening, which isn’t an issue and we can sort this quickly.

The winding handle turns freely without operating the top and bottom seals.

If your winding handle moves, but there’s no effect on the top and bottom seals, it’s likely that the winding socket is worn or damaged and will need to be replaced. It’s also possible that the internal mechanisms connecting the winding handle to the seals have failed and will need repairing. Our team will need to remove the panel from the track and take it apart to work on the mechanisms.

Why are the panels so challenging to move?

If your panels are hinged together in pairs, cleaning the track and lubricating the trolley wheel bearings will keep them running smoothly. If your panels are individual (no hinges), they have to negotiate through various intersections in the overhead track to get between their storage pocket and their “set-up” location. These intersections are the primary cause of panel movement problems. We can clean, adjust and lubricate most intersections to improve panel movement. 

My panels aren't level when they are set out, can they be re-aligned?

Yes, panel re-alignment is part of our standard service package. It’s essential to make sure the panels are level as they are putting uneven pressure on the top and bottom seals. Over time, this will gradually reduce the ease of operation of your system, not to mention leaking sound between the rooms.

Sound is leaking through the panels, can the acoustics be improved?

Firstly, we would need to determine why sound is leaking through the panels. Please contact our team today for assistance. 

Why can I not get my panel out of the stacking area and into the main run of the track?

Either the blocks in the track have been dislodged, or the carrier has moved. This will need an emergency visit; please contact us today to ensure we can fix this.

The telescopic seal is not making contact with the wall; why is this?

The seal has not been wound out far enough, or the inner mechanism needs to be repaired. You can arrange for a complimentary, no-obligation site survey to determine the extent of the problem.

The track appears to have dropped in places. Is this a health and safety issue?

It depends, a regional manager will attend the site to assess issues, or in cases of emergencies, an engineering team will be assigned to attend the site within 24 hours.